Time to kick butt!

After the rest day it was time to get back to training.

The ocean was a rough as anything so the sea swim was out. I was due to do a 20K time trial on the bike and then a few hours later a 5K run at just under 5K PB pace.

However, as it was so hot during the day I decided on combining these two efforts as one brick session later in the day. Rich was up for the session as well so we hit the ride with T1 set up in the garage (trainers, caps, fluids and spare T Shirts).

I led the way on the bike with Rich tucked in behind on my wheel. The ride out was good, a nice tail wind, legs spinning – we averaged 32 kmph. We turned at just over 20K, 24K to be precise. When we turned we realised very quickly what was in store, with a fairly strong head wind. I again led the way and set the pace averaging 27 kmph on the way back. Total ride time of just under the hour at 56 mins.

Trainers on and on to the run. The run was good, I could certainly feel the ride in the legs, but not enough to effect the pace. I was on just under the 5K pace required but it was over the 10K pace and I carried this on for 2K. I was pulling away from Rich and also I was getting very hot. It was still very warm out and I was conscious of Mark’s words of wisdom to NOT over do it while away. So I eased off and waited for Rich to catch up and then we turned and ran back together. The run back wasn’t that much of a slower pace and the heat was just as bad so I think it was a good call. Total run was 20 mins 48 secs and we covered just over 4K so an average speed of 11 kmph. Happy with that.

Yesterday we had to leave the Beach House and travel back to Rayleigh to stay at Rich and Dee’s for a few days. An early start packing and sorting stuff and having to load the cars and trailer so I decided not to run first thing and run in the evening at Rich and Dee’s house.

After unloading and sorting stuff, having some food and letting it digest etc I got to changed to run at about 7pm. Just as I was about to leave the house there was a big storm, so I had to wait for it to end before running, so I didn’t set off until almost 8pm. But when I did it was an excellent run. The air was fresh from the rain, the roads were glistening from the rain and it was like running on a river! The pace was easy and by default I started running at fresh half marathon pace. Rich had given me an out and back loop that was just over 2.5K. Going out was slightly easier and coming back a bit hillier.

First time out and back I did 7.15 out and 7.31 back, lap two was 7.32 and 7.37, lap three was 7.41 and 7.26 and as all was so nice I did a fourth lap of 7.32 and 7.23. So going out which was slightly easier I did 2 of the 4 in the same time of 7.32, one quicker and one 9 seconds slower. Coming back I was within 6 seconds for the first two laps and then built on the pace for lap 3 and 4. Very happy with that.

This afternoon Rich and I are going mountain biking on some trails around his home and depending on how long we ride for and how hard, I might do another run this evening. Really looking forward to mountain biking on proper trails, which will be a first for me. We are off to the mountains tomorrow for four days and we are taking the mountain bikes with us so I need to work out how to do it quite quickly!

Thanks for reading.

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