NC Update

The past few days have been very good. Both training and holidaying. This is a tri blog so let’s cover the training.

I decided it was time to get real, so alarm set for 6.15am meant I could get in a training session pre breakfast and pre the weather getting silly and then do another session early evening as the sun was going down.

So first ‘serious’ day was a 1 hour run with 10K tempo’s included. Very tough but very satisfying. I did this on the cycle and run path next to the main road. All I saw were a few other runners and a few cars. BLISS.

Chillaxing all day (apart from a nice 45 minute walk along the beach) and then an 80 minute bike ride including hill reps. I rode back to the bridge that gets you onto the island, which is double the length it needs to be as it goes up and then down rather than flat. I went back and forth over this about 10 times. Sometimes in an easy gear spinning up the hill, others in the top ring and out of the saddle, just to mix it up a bit.

Next day was another early rise, 30 minute sea swim and then straight into a 30 minute beach run. The swim was good. Very easy one way but harder swimming back as the current was against me. But fun all the same. The current meant it was a 40 min swim not a 30 min but fun nonetheless. Transition took a while longer then it should as I had a dip in the pool between the sea swim and the run to wash the salt off me.

I met up with Rich whilst on my run so he ran with me. Nice and easy pace circa my half ironman run pace. I will post a picture of the beach run as it is too hard to describe so you get the right image. Flat compact sand from where the tide has gone out, the sea crashing to your left (or right on the way back), people running or setting up there rods for a days fishing, or getting their chairs out for a days sun bathing. Joggers and runners saying ‘good morning’ as you run by them, the sun beating down …. ah it was bliss.

Yesterday evening was a easy spin bike ride for 75 mins. Very windy heading out so it was hard work in places, but I had the benefit of a tail wind on the way back and flew back in quick time.

I was feeling achey last night, checking the diary I have clocked up 7 hrs and 30 mins training in three days! I was thinking about when to have a rest day. The legs were aching walking up the stairs to bed so not a good sign.

The weather turned in the night, I was awoken by a huge storm and some serious rain fell. So I turned the alarm off this morning and went bak to sleep. The weather is bad today so I had breakfast and hit the hot tub to warm the muscles.

My beautiful picture








We are off out for some lunch and I might do a little run this evening before getting back to the training proper tomorrow. Tomorrow is also our last full day here as Saturday we head back to Rich and Dee’s for a few days before heading off to the mountains for the rest of the week. We also say goodbye to Brian, Nicki, Lewis, Valerie, Esther and Gavin before we go to the mountains. But the mountain retreat will feature some hilly runs and we will trade in the road bikes for the mountain bikes.

Thanks for reading.

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