North Carolina – the first few days

Last week was a bit of a non-entity. A rest on Monday after the Vachery tri on the Sunday, a swim Tuesday with some efforts (on achey legs) and a turbo Wednesday by then the legs were fine.

Thursday was working late, then packing and we flew out Friday morning to North Carolina. We arrived late Friday afternoon and met up with The Lee’s, my wife’s cousin and his wife Dee and daughter Rachel, also there was my wife’s aunt (Valerie), her daughter (Esther)  and her daughter’s  son (Gavin) all of whom flew in from New Mexico, then came my wife’s other cousin Brian and his wife (Nicki) and their son (Lewis)  – they live in Peterborough but had been in New York the week before). So Friday night was catching up as we all stayed with Rich and Dee Friday night.

Saturday morning another of my wife’s aunt’s pitched up (Sally) with her husband (Rodney) and the motley crew was complete. We then all travelled to the Emerald Isle to stay for the first week of our holiday. Getting us all there and the luggage and the food etc meant using a trailer as well as three cars full of people and luggage.

My beautiful picture









After a circa 3 hour drive we arrived at our home for the week.

My beautiful picture









After unpacking the cars and trailer and also unpacking our cases a short 20 minute sea swim was done with Rich Lee, my wife’s cousin – you all keeping up?). I owe a lot to this guy as he got me into Triathlon initially and helped me a lot answering numerous questions via email when I did my first few events.

My beautiful picture

With the beach only a short walk away – and I do mean short – a lot of sea swimming is on the cards.







Yesterday morning I did a 40 minute walk along the beach and then did an easy 20 mins run back. Just to get the legs moving after two days of travelling and sitting.  The sea was too rough to swim in but luckily we had some body boards so spent the afternoon doing that. At some points it was a bit brutal as the water was very rough, some people were actually surfing while we were body boarding.

In the evening Rich and I went for an easy 1 hour bike ride just to ride around the area and spin the legs. It was a bit more than easy but not mental.

Today I did manage a swim, not sure I should have done as it was still a bit rough. At one point a wave caught me square on and took my goggles and swim cap clean off! It was a lot of hard work you breath to the side and see the beach line and all the houses, breathe to the other side and hit a wall of water square in the face breathe to the other side and that beach line has disappeared as you are in a trough an surrounded by water.  After 50 mins of quite hard effort, akin to being in a washing machine, I called it a day. I had also swum through a storm! Later this evening I did a 2 hour bike. All under 80% max heart rate and one of the best rides I have ever done. The roads are so flat, and smooth and with the drivers very considerate it was such a pleasurable experience. I even rode through rain for over an hour, but due to the humidity it was actually very refreshing to ride in the rain.

A dip in the hot tub before bed hopefully means the legs will be good for the tempo run tomorrow morning.

Alarm is set for 6.15am so I can beat the heat!

Thanks for reading.


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