This as NOT in the race build up plan

I am trying to remain calm.

Trying to keep it in perspective.

Trying not to over react.

This week was good, quite a bit of running including a one hour run, at an easy pace, Thursday morning. I couldn’t do this session as I had an early morning meeting so I had to run in the evening. There was also a work event that evening – drinks at the pub as someone was leaving and someone else joining.

So I took my running gear to work, went for a 60 mins run at 6pm, had a shower when I got back to the office, got dressed and went to the drinks at 7.15pm. All good. I had a couple of Beck Blue’s and caught up with some work colleagues. It was a bit chilly as we were outside the pub and it was right on the river’s edge and so we left at 9.30pm and went home and had some food when we got in – so food at 11pm!

Friday I felt crap, really tired and achey. But Friday is a rest day so no training and an early night meant Saturday I felt fine.

Saturday I was up at 5.15am and in the lake by 7am. Good swim and a nice run after the swim. Home by 9.30am. Still a bit tired so I tried for a power nap, but whilst I was in bed for an hour I think I only got 20 mins shut eye.

I had to go into Croydon to pick up my new glasses and whilst in Croydon I started to feel rough. When we got home I had another 90 mins shut eye in the afternoon and then the runny nose and headache came. I took some cold and flu tablets and had an early night.

I had a good 11 hours sleep last night and have spent today on the settee. Two crap films, the MotoGP and now the TDF live overage.

I blame Thursday. Doing the run and a) not refuelling straight after and b) standing in the ‘cold’. Friday I recovered a bit but then the early start Saturday was the icing on the cake.

So rest day today, see how I feel tomorrow and get input from Mark on what training to do this week. I don’t feel too bad, a bit achey and a bit of a headache and every now and then a runny nose, but not all the time. If I wasn’t racing in 6 days I would be out there training – kill or cure type approach. But with my first A race of the year 6 days away I am playing it safe and took today off from the scheduled 2 hour bike ride and 30 mins run session. I am hoping tomorrow I will feel better/fine.

I might be clutching at straws but as I said at the top

I am trying to remain calm.

Trying to keep it in perspective.

Trying not to over react.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “This as NOT in the race build up plan”

  1. Hi Darren
    My thoughts on this week and what went not as planned
    Thursday – Up early then run in the evening may have started to reduce immune system already under stress from the recent hot weather.
    We are at risk form colds if we are in crowded places shortly after exercise
    Rest day is designed to let your body tell you if anything is wrong, feeling achy was a sign.

    Several factors can reduce the immune system, sometimes we get away with it other times we don’t. Often it small things that affect the bigger picture.

    Keep calm better to rest then build up to race day than train which will set you back during the race

    Did you enjoy watching the MotoGP? Bradley Smith who I coach was 6th


  2. Here’s my analysis….man up you’ve got a tiny cold! Don’t stress about your ‘a’ race you’ll smash it!

    Your friend Frances

    1. Frances
      Thanks for the comments – I was doing a bit of ‘a Paul’ wasn’t I. I will do as I am told and smash it if at all possible.
      You ever thought of being a coach?

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