Getting it right is an art!

Today’s session was a hard one, or I made it hard. Not sure which at the moment.

It was a 40 mile ride and a 35 mins run off the bike. Fairly simple instructions from Mark. The last 30 mins of the bike up the pace to Brisk and the first 15 mins of the run Brisk too.

I rode to Box Hill and did one loop of Box Hill, which is an 8 mile loop including an up and down Box Hill and then I rode back.

The ride was OK – very enjoyable, very warm, a good pace, fairly flat ride except for Box Hill. All felt good – the ride was 60K not 65K (which is what I needed to do for 40 miles) solely due to crap maths on my part! I toyed with doing another 5K but by then I was near home, there was lots of traffic around and there was a Boot Fair at the local park so even more traffic so I decided 60K was enough. A total ride time of 2 hours 22 mins meaning an average speed of 25 kmph.

I transitioned out of my bike gear and put on my running gear and headed out for the run. I did 10 mins at circa 12 kmph pace and then I hit the wall. I stopped and walked for about 20 seconds as I was going up a hill, then carried on and did the remaining 25 mins at a slower pace (circa 10.5 – 11 kmph) and I ended up doing an extra 5 mins so 40 mins in total.

First time I have had to walk on a run for a VERY long time. Three factors to blame (unless Mark has a fourth?):

1) I switched to water and High 5 Zero tablets rather than Lucozade Sport (as the name suggests it’s Zero calories where as the sports drink is 130 calories) – maybe I was missing important calories?

2) Due to the heat (it is a very sunny and warm day today) I needed more fluid than the 1.2 litres I consumed on the bike. I also consumed a torq bar during the second hour of the ride and a gel at the start of the run

3) I went off too hard on the first 10 minutes on the run and paid the pice – the bike might also have been at a too high pace as well 25 kmph average including a ride up Box Hill?

All food for thought and good experience to learn from. The key positive was after having to stop and walk, I was soon able to finish the run at a fairly good pace.

This week has also included another swim at Tooting Bec Lido yesterday and a run straight after. A turbo session, a pool swim and a long (ish) easy run. That lido really is a good find, giving me wetsuit swimming practice at any time during the day so I can have a bit of a lie in and no 5 am start to get to Heron Lake.

Three weeks to go . . . . . .

Thanks for reading.

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