Sometimes Life just gets in the way ….

This week has been a training disaster.

On Tuesday the wife and I flew to Egypt. We were only there for a few days, until Saturday, so it was always going to be hectic.

As we were up early Tuesday and I needed to pack Monday evening, I sacked off Monday nights run. Tuesday was travelling, driving to the airport, flying, sorting the hire car, checking into the hotel, unpacking etc.

Wednesday was a fairly easy day and I fitted in a 30 minute easy run in the evening and that was due to be the start of some training in the sun.

BUT – Thursday we checked out of the hotel and went to our new apartment. The purpose of the trip was to sign off the furniture that we had commissioned to be made for the apartment and to get all the other essentials; plates, knives, forks, kettle, bedding etc.

The furniture was brilliant – all as ordered and to a very high quality, which resulted in the furniture man taking us for a meal. In Egypt a quick meal can take at least 2 hours! Then off to hyper market number one for supplies. We got back late and by the time we had unloaded the car and sorted ourselves out it was too late to train.

Friday we started the challenge of washing all of the furniture and washing all the stuff we had bought before putting it all away. Then off to hyper market number two for the second batch of supplies, then off to see our property manager to do the accounts and she took us to Shark’s Bay to a lovely fish restaurant for a meal. Then in the evening we were off to Old Market to buy towels and sheets. That was Friday gone. Still no training – I hadn’t even unpacked the bike from the bike bag yet.

Saturday was also hectic. I unloaded the bike, set it up and checked all was OK. A few last minute supplies from hyper market number 3 and then the task of putting dust cloths around the mattresses, settee, TV etc, packing to come home.

Then off to the airport to take the hire car back and get our flight home. We landed at 11.30 pm and got to bed in the early hours of this morning.

So Monday to Saturday my total training was a 30 minute easy run. NOT GOOD.

I discussed this with the wife at the airport – that all week I had ‘done nothing’. Sam rightly pointed out I had spent several hours each day, over the past 3 days, on my hands and knees washing our marble floor by hand after the furniture people had coated it in dust and dirt, washing all the kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, cooker etc. All in temperatures of over 100 degrees. I must have unloaded the car and carried supplies to the apartment circa 20 plus times, so it was hardly ‘done nothing’.

Whilst missing a week of training isn’t ideal, to be honest it isn’t the end of the world for me. Sorting out our apartment in Egypt has been a 2 year exercise and now finally it was finished and getting it habitable so we can use it was key.

It also means I am well rested and raring to get going now I am back. It’s five weeks to my first (of two) A races this year, the Vachery Half Ironman. So over to Mark to put a solid pre race block of training together. This next five week block needs to include some open water swims, a bike ride of the Half Ironman bike route and whatever else is needed to get me across the finish in under 6 hours.

Thanks for reading.

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