1/4lb with cheese

The body has absorbed the training at Tri Topia well I think.

I rested Monday and an easy swim Tuesday was a gentle way back into things, an easy spin Wednesday and another swim Thursday and the usual rest day Friday meant I was fully recovered for training the weekend.

However, training from Mark was still quite lite over the weekend. Saturday was a short run with some efforts and then body conditioning, so I was able to sneak a lay and get a good 12 hours sleep Friday night.

Sunday the weather picked up, I had a 90 mins bike ride session and I was up and on the road quite early for this. I followed the beginning of the route of the Pearson ride I did the week before, and by getting lost I found some really nice quiet, ‘country lane’ type roads. It was a really nice ride and then a 15 minute run off the bike and a cheeky little easy run later in the day as well.

Sunday afternoon, the wife and I went on a little road trip and checked out Leith Hill. This is the ‘massive’ hill I have to go up as part of the Vachery Middle distance triathlon on 21st July. I wanted to just see the hill and see how bad it was and to be honest I don’t think it will be a problem. It didn’t look as bad as Box Hill or Ditchlin Beacon, but I will ride the bike course nearer the time. I printed out the course earlier today.

Monday (Bank Holiday) was a longer run but still only 45 – 50 mins, again with some efforts and then I did some chores in the afternoon.  

So all good and all very relaxing after the Tri Topia efforts.

Tuesday being the day of the weekly weight in meant I was on the scales this morning and weighed in at 11 st and ¼ lb. So only 1/4lb away from my target weight of 11st. I was aiming for this weight ready for the Vachery tri on 21st July so plenty of time to spare, so I may dip under the 11st or at least stabilise at this weight.

Thanks for reading.

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