‘Swim Friends’

An ‘in the week’ blog is unusual for me but I am beaming from ear to ear. At Tri Topia (last week) I spent quite a bit of time looking at my swim stroke with Mark and trying to improve it. Tuesday I did some swim drills and the stroke felt better and stronger.

Yesterday (Thursday) I did a longer swim session. I saw my ‘swim friend’ who I see on most Thursday’s. I have seen him most weeks for the past 4 months, but being an introvert, over that time we have managed a few nods of the head, a couple of hellos and a few ‘the pools looking (busy/quiet – delete as appropriate).

 He tends to get in and swim 50 lengths bang, bang, bang, and gets out. I do drills, warm up, main set , warm down etc. He is faster than me and sometimes I wait after a length so he can pass me (swim etiquette).

 Yesterday he stopped to let me pass him. I stopped at the end of my set and asked if he was OK (as in injured) and he said no – you are just getting quicker.

 Now that was the equivalent of a swim PB for me! It’s all down to my new improved stroke, post Tri Topia.

 Feeling stronger on the bike, getting stronger and pacing better on the run and now swim speed noticeably improving – get in!

 Look out Brownlee – I’m coming for you (and your brother!)

 Thanks for indulging.

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