Boxhill is a popular place for cyclists – who knew!

Training this week, after the duathlon last weekend, has been good.

Monday was an easy turbo – no problems. Tuesday an easy run – but the legs said no. In fact they shouted NOOOOO.

After 42 mins of an intended 55 mins I called it a day. The program was 35 – 55 mins easy depending on how tired the legs were so it wasn’t like I failed. I did more then the minimum before stopping.

After an email to Mark the response back was a rest day on Wednesday, and that was a good idea.

Turns out Mark is full of them . I say it was a good idea as Thursday I felt 100% again as I tackled a big(ish) swim set with ease.

Which leads on to this weekend and Bank holiday weekend at that.

It was a good one. As I sit here on the patio with a pot of coffee and the sun blazing down on me, very relaxing. The only down side is this (Monday evening) is the only time I have sat down all weekend!

Friday night I left work at 9.30pm – yes 9.30pm! Home and almost straight to bed.

Up at 7am Saturday and I drove to Richmond Park – I only had a 2 hour ride to do, it takes 45 mins to ride to RP so the bulk of the ride would have just been riding there and back. Seemed a good idea at the time. It was a nice drive there, rode 5 laps, did the session Mark set out. Only got a few drops of rain (even though I had sun screen on as it was bright when I left home). But traffic back to where I live was a nightmare – took over an hour to drive back. Won’t do that again.

The afternoon was spent doing chores – life admin. I also drove to Boxhill and tried to work out a route around Boxhill so I could ride it Sunday. Also, my seat post position had slipped during my morning ride even though I had readjusted it before my ride so, worrying the seat clamp was broken I took the bike to the local bike shop to check it out. Turns out the seat post had dried out and as it’s a carbon frame and carbon post you need to put ‘stuff’ (called grip firm) around it to create friction. So problem sorted.

Sunday – up at 7am – and drove to Boxhill and then rode the circuit I worked out the day before. Was a really nice ride. Bike was going great, legs were great, sun was out. I did four loops, so 4 times up the hill. Turns out it was easy, very easy in fact. First time took 10 mins and by the fourth time I had got the time down to under 9 mins. I even changed up a gear half way up and powered up the second half of the climb.

Was a really nice ride, nice environment, loads of other bikers around, loads of ‘good mornings’ and nods of the head. The afternoon was spent cleaning my wife’s bike. Following my course, her bike was the first one to experiment on. Mainly as she is taking it to Tri Topia next week so it needs to look OK.

Jack Reacher film in the evening – I recommend it as an easy watch.

Leads to today. After two early starts I opted for a later alarm shout today. Was an easy ride on the schedule so as traffic would be light being a bank holiday, I rode up to London and around London a bit and rode back. Nice easy ride and in the sunshine too.

The afternoon was spent mowing the grass, building wardrobes, washing bird crap off the car, doing some weeding ….. it goes on.

I have just done an easy 25 mins run and now am relaxing before work tomorrow.

Long weekend seems to have been and gone and I almost missed it! At least its a 4 day week this week and then next week TRI TOPIA, so an easy training week this week in preparation for a hard week training in France .

I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading


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