Back to school

No post last weekend as I was back at school!

I booked myself on to a 2 day cycle maintenance course which taught me how to strip down a bike to almost the bare frame, clean all of the group set etc and rebuild it and also adjust the gears and brakes.

It was good, very detailed and very easy to follow and now the dreaded gear adjusting makes perfect sense. I stripped down my turbo bike and gave it a thorough clean and it looks like new. Just my training bike, race bike and my wife’s bike to do and I will be an expert!

My fun and games the weekend didn’t mean I skipped training. It did mean I had to reschedule the week slightly and be a bit adaptable.

Last Sunday I did the Pump class and a 45 mins run straight after, Monday was another 45 minute run, Turbo Tuesday, Pump (am) and a run (pm) on Wednesday and a big swim Thursday. Friday, instead of the usual rest day, I did a 1 hr 45 mins turbo and a 10 min run off the bike. I drove to Canterbury for the cycle course Saturday and stayed there overnight so had my rest day Saturday. Sunday I was home by early evening so could fit in another 1 hour run.

Makes last week a total of 8 hours and 30 mins training including 3 hours running, just over 1 hr swimming, 1 hours core (pump) and the rest on the turbo.

So a good course the weekend and it didn’t impact on the week’s training volume – which is good.

This weekend I need to get my racing head on as it’s the Ful on Duathlon. A relatively short race (for a wannabe endurance athlete!) 6K run – 25K bike – 6K run. In the olden days I would be working out an impossible time to complete the race and then would over pace myself trying to achieve that time.

So the plan for the race is:

a) to enjoy it!

b) have a good solid first run at around or slightly under my current 10K pace, so 30 – 35 mins finish time for this leg of the race.

c) bike – I don’t care! I have only ridden twice this year on the road having spent most of my time on the turbo due to the weather. So there is going to be nothing massive happening for me on the bike. It’s 5 laps for the 25K bike ride so it’s a small course and therefore my priority is to be safe and have a good ride and get used to riding on the road or on a ‘technical’ course.

d) my race ‘starts’ on the final run. I want to do the final 6K of the race at a solid 10K pace for 4K – 5K and then push for the final 1K – 2K. This may end up us a full race at 10K pace (bringing in a finish time for this leg of the race of 30 mins) or I may have something in my legs to push on and break 30 mins. The key for this, having enough stored in the final 6K, is to not go too hard in the first 6K. So pacing is, as ever, top of mind.

Really looking forward to the event as well. It will be good to prepare for it, have a few butterflies, take in the atmosphere of an event again etc. And this time at least I know the bike will be in good shape – unless I have just jinxed it!!!!

Full race report to follow ….

Thanks for reading.

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