RP plus 2

Trying to be true to my word and do more regular posts. Two within a week – not a bad start eh.

This work has been good. Got home late from the airport Sunday night/early hours of Monday morning – landed at gone 1am and didn’t get to bed until 3am, so no training Monday evening. In fact the Wife and I were in bed by 9pm Monday night. And not for that reason!

Tuesday was a swim session and as expected it was hard work. I haven’t done much swimming lately so a few lengths would have been hard yet alone the 2,400 metres (96 lengths) I actually did.

Wednesday was pump in the morning and a run after work. The run was hard, very hard, in fact I only did 50 mins of the 1 hour set. I think a few after effects from the travelling and not enough food at lunchtime/in the afternoon. So going to ramp up the calorie intake for the ‘double day sessions’.

Another swim on Thursday and this session was a lot easier. It was also a very good session so it went real quick and didn’t seem like 1 hour and 10 mins in the pool. Covered 2,800 metres this time (112 lengths).

Friday rest day. So chilled out in the evening and in bed at 10pm.

Which leaves today and really pleased to say I swapped my pump and run day today with tomorrows bike ride so I could go on the road and ride. I rode to Richmond Park and did two and a bit laps of the park and rode back. Had a bit of trouble with the maths and ended up riding for 2 hours and 4o mins instead of 2 hrs and 20 mins (sorry Mark, genuine mistake) and then a little 10 mins run off the bike.

It was really good to get out on the bike rather than sitting in the shed on that damn turbo trainer. Also, with the Ful on Tri Duathlon only two weeks away I wanted to shake the bike down and make sure all was OK. The battery had gone on the bike computer so replaced that, but the big finding was how ‘wobbly’ I was to start off with on the bike. Solely the fact I have been on the turbo trainer so much where the bike is fixed so you ‘throw yourself around’ a lot more on the bike on that then you do on the road. But it didn’t take long to get in the flow of it.

Was a good ride, left at 8.40am and home before the rain hit so a dry ride. Total of 66K. So it just leaves pump (they do a Sunday class at the gym now) and a 45 mins run tomorrow to end the week.

The Tuesday weigh in showed the effects of the holiday in Egypt – 5 star all inclusive – an increase of 2 and 3/4 lbs up to 11st 7 3/4 lbs. But the diet has gone well this week so hopefully back to 11st 5lb before too long. Maybe even Tuesday’s weigh in?

Thanks for reading.


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