Mountain Bike Virgin

It’s been another three weeks since my last post, which is beginning to be a bad habit. However, I am in the middle of reading an excellent book – ‘Can’t swim Can’t bike Can’t run” by Andy Holgate. The story of Andy’s initiation into Triathlon and his first Ironman. It has inspired me to be a better blogger and try to report in more regularly. So first let’s me play catch up.

The week of the 18th March – I did 7 hours and 25 mins of training – a real good full on week: 3 Turbos sessions, 2 long runs, a pump class at the gym for body conditioning and a good swim. So all good that week.

The following week (last week) wasn’t so good, in fact it was crap!

A Turbo on Monday was followed by no training Tuesday as I had a work event to attend in the evening, Wednesday was good I did both pump and a long(ish) run, but Thursday I rested. The reason being I was in holiday mode. Friday was Good Friday and I was going to Egypt on the Saturday and I just felt like enjoying the first evening of my holiday chilling and not going to the pool as the schedule suggested. I think this is the first time this year where I have just not done a session, rather than having to miss it due to work or other commitments. Friday I did an easy Turbo and Saturday I was up at 5.30 am for the flight to Sharm el Sheikh.

The Tuesday weight in also showed I had hit 11st 5lb, which I was well pleased with. That’s almost a stone lost since the New Year.

Finally this week. Whilst visiting Sharm is technically a holiday, as we own property here there is always a mix of ‘business’ and chores to do while here. So my holiday so far has been:

Sunday – No training as the day was non stop chores – here there and everywhere.

Monday – early to rise, up at 7am for an early morning run (45 mins) before the sun came up. I was wrong, the sun was well and truly up and it was bloody hot when I left the hotel room at 7.30 am. I spent the rest of the day drinking water and mango juice non-stop to rehydrate.

Tuesday – I chose to try the air conditioned gym at the hotel. A 5 minute warm up on the stepper followed by 25 mins on the treadmill, 15 mins on the stationary bike, and another 10 mins on the treadmill, 5 mins warm down – 1 hour in total. Air conditioning was on full blast and I looked like I had just been in the pool by the time I had finished.

Wednesday – after two days of running back to back I wanted to hold off on running for a third day, with a long bike ride planned for Thursday I decided on a weights and a core session in the gym. So an hour of weights, mainly lowish weight and more reps – like doing my own pump class.

Thursday – I did a 3 hour mountain bike sportive in the dessert. I did it through a company called Black Jack Bikes, which is effectively an excellent guy called Claus who arranged for a taxi to pick me and another Brit (David) up and took us to the Nabq National Park (which is a dessert), he sorted us out with mountain bikes, water (lots of), cake, Claus as our tour guide and a support vehicle.

My beautiful picture









The ride was very easy, as in easy on the legs, the technique was not quite so easy. It was like riding on an unmade road, that suddenly had deep sand on it and the bike dug in and you thought you were going over. Claus obviously took it in his stride, he has been the running the company and doing the tours for 4 years. David was also fine being an experienced mountain biker. The ‘roady’ (me) found the technique hard to master and it was only a matter of time, after a few close calls, that I hit the deck. Nothing serious, a cut on my elbow and a few marks to show the wife on my leg and arm.

But a really nice experience, some great views and a work out.

Also driving back to the hotel with Claus he gave me a really good heads up on roads I could ride, where was good, where was not and he even offered to show me the good rides and roads next time I was over. Which by the way is looking like the middle of June (more chores to do then) and I will be bringing a bike with me!

Friday (today) is my usual rest day. So I thought ‘what the hell, I will rest’ so no training today.

But the alarm is set for 6.30 am tomorrow morning for a 45 min run and ideally it won’t be as hot 30 mins earlier then last time (yeah right!) but more water with me this time.

Sunday we fly home but not until late so I may try and fit in another weights/core session Sunday morning. Or maybe an early morning sea swim or maybe I will just rest as it’s the day I fly.

Next week I am hoping to get back to a normal week and get back on track. I am sure I have put on weight while I have been here even though I tried not to!

Thanks for reading and here’s to more regular (and shorter) posts.

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