Falling behind ….

It’s been three long weeks since my last blog – so let’s start with an apology for that!

Training is going very well indeed. Since my last blog I have done just under 20 hours training so averaging just under 7 hours per week.

Now week on week, that isn’t much training, 8 hours is the norm, but due to work issues, social events etc it has limited what time is available and hence what training I can do. But that is why it has been such a good period. I didn’t still try and do 8 works in a busy week, get tired, not rest enough and get ill. I reduced the training during the busy times, stayed consistent, stayed healthy and am now able to up the training (assuming work eases off a bit).

Weight last blog was 11st 9 and a half pounds – weight this blog is 11 st 7 lbs (and hoping for another 1 lb loss tomorrow – Tuesday being the official weigh in day).

And still not had an alcoholic drink since New Year’s Day.

I have a two week period and then we are away on holiday to Egypt – hopefully I can get a bike sorted whilst out there and then can do some runs and long(er) rides. The weather is so dire at the moment I am spending my cycling time sitting on the Turbo. To be honest I don’t find this too bad, the structured session I get fly by it would just be nice to have a bit of warm(er) weather and get out there.

Thanks for reading.