Wolverine – is that you?

I think I am becoming Wolverine from X-men! I haven’t grown a funky hair cut, our got massive side burns or metal spikes growing out of my hands. But I do seem to have developed an incredible power of recovery. Having raced the 10K two weeks ago and 6 days later doing the Half marathon and hitting PB’s in both races I thought I would be shagged this week. But having just (literally) completed an 8 and a half hour week, including 1 hrs 45 mins of running and 2 hrs 45 mins on the turbo I feel on top of the world.

I am not going to do the SRS sportive next weekend. One it’s too cold, two with the TCR show on and some other stuff going on it’s a busy weekend and third I want to put in a good block of training and not have to taper down and miss out on some solid training.

I also had a sports massage in the week, which was (overall) a pleasant experience. It was a sports massage so wasn’t completely pleasurable but I am sure it helped me a great deal in getting me back to training this week.

I don’t have any more events booked for the next few months – I have my eye on the Ful on Tri duathlon on the 28th April 6K, 23.5K, 6K around the Top Gear test track. I will speak to Mark about it and see if he thinks it’s a good idea or not.

Weight wise is OK. I am still on 11 st 9 1/2 lbs which I have been on for two weeks. I seem to lose 1-2 lbs one week and then nothing the next week. So I have not lost any weight this week but I am hoping Tuesday might show another 1 lb or 2 off.

I am really pleased at the moment. Since the New Year I have trained consistently, lost weight, achieved two PB’s and training is very pleasurable and not a chore. Although today – 1 hrs 50 mins on the turbo down in the shed was a challenge.

Thanks for reading.

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