Not the perfect week, but 10K here I come

A relatively OK week, and all in all I am happy.

Good recovery session on the turbo Monday evening and a good swim session Tuesday evening.

Wednesday morning’s pump class I bailed out of. I woke up at 6am but was very tired and within 5 minutes I had come up with 20 – 30 reasons why I should stay in bed rather then get up and go to do the pump class.

Wednesday night was a run session. It went OK but I was blowing at the end of it, I think I went too hard on the interval splits, was planning to do some core work after the run but just wasn’t in the mood.

Thursday went …. well ….. tits up. An issue at work that needed sorting meant I left the office at almost 1 am Friday morning! I did contemplate leaving the office at 5.30pm travelling home, going to to the pool to do the swim set, then going back to work for 9pm. But I decided that was mental!

So I didn’t get to bed until 2am this morning. I slept until 9am and got to work for 11am. Now home, bit of food and an early night. Pump in the morning and a short run and then that’s it until the 10K on Sunday.

10K is all planned in my head:

a very thorough warm up pre race

start off at 12 kpmh and see how I feel, if good sustain it and try to push on in the last lap (this will give me a sub 50 mins)

if I don’t feel like I can sustain the 12 kmph then back off to 11 kmph or so and just go for a PB (53 mins is my PB).

anything lower than 11 kmph I might as well stay in bed. Noting like putting pressure on yourself Webby.

So now it’s just waiting for the race and seeing how it goes.

Post race blog on Sunday.

Thanks for reading.

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