Another week done

Another good week this week.

9 hours of training consisting of; 2 pump classes, 2 swims, 2 turbo sessions and 3 runs – including a brick session today (run, bike, run).

Nutrition going well, health is all good, getting plenty of sleep etc – the only issue this week was the Garmin watch didn’t save the run I did yesterday. This is very annoying as I was keen to see how my pacing was yesterday. I have always tended to run at one default speed (which by the way is slow). Mark has got me doing runs at different paces which is good as it gets me concentrating on my pace when running and not day dreaming. I now know my speed and pace for a 10K run, a half marathon – I know a pace I can run at for 20 mins or a pace I can only sustain for 5 mins and a pace I can run at for an hour or so.

I guess I will find out about the real progress on pacing next week at the 10K race at Kenley. I also got my race number and timing chip for the half marathon in the post yesterday which is the week after. So two big weekends coming up.

Weight is still at 11st 12 lbs, for the second week, but that is OK as I am losing weight slowly and keeping healthy and training consistently while losing weight.

So here’s to another week and the first competition of 2013 in 7 days time.

Thanks for reading.

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