Safety first so no 10K

Today was supposed to be my 10K run at Kenley aerodrome. But due to the snow the organisers postponed it in the week. A bit disappointing but you cannot blame them, they had to make a decision as people were still registering for the event. They even sent pictures of how much snow there was the day they made the decision to postpone.

I think in hindsight it would have been OK as it was a lot warmer yesterday and the sun was even out, so I think it would have melted. I saw my sister-in-law and she asked if I had been on a sun bed as I had a rosy complexion, but alas it was the result of a 75 minute run in the sun yesterday morning (no sun block as it is supposed to be winter). Snow one weekend, sun block the next weekend I wonder what we we get next weekend!

The nice weather also meant I could get out on the bike today for a (warmer than last time) 90 minute ride. Very pleasant.

The 10K is now on the 10th Feb – two weeks time and the weekend before the Half marathon on the 16th Feb. I did wonder if that will be an issue, a hard (if I go for a PB) 10K and then 6 days later a half marathon (where I want to go under 2 hours). But at the end of the day these are also training runs, not A or even B events. They are to gauge fitness, test nutrition and hydration etc.

The rest of the week has been good too. A lot of turbo – in fact mainly turbo sessions all week. This was OK as they are easy to knock over, The turbo is set up in the gym at the end of the garden, so within a few minutes of getting home from work I am training. No drive to the gym, no sorting out of the gym bag, means a longer session is possible or eating at a sensible time as I finish earlier.

A meeting in Manchester on Wednesday ruled out pump so apart from Pump yesterday morning followed by the run, the rest of the week has been on the turbo plus today’s bike ride.

Thursday was a work event so two ‘rest’ days this week as in no training Thursday and Friday. I say ‘rest’ as I didn’t train but I am learning that being out all evening and getting home at 11.30pm is not deemed a rest! Thursday was also the passing of my first work event with a free bar and I didn’t drink. Two bottles of mineral water was my lot. There was also quite a few people who went to the pub after work on Friday, but I went straight home and had an early night. Wimp or athlete – you choose.

Diet is also going well. I tend to write these posts either on a Saturday or a Sunday and the official weekly weigh in is on a Tuesday morning. This Tuesday I weighed in at ……. 11st 12lbs. Not bad as on the 8th Jan (three weeks ago) I was 12st 1lb. So a loss of 3 lbs in as many weeks. Bang on target. Still a weigh to go (see what I did there).

Thanks for reading.


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