Another good week

At this stage of the season I guess it’s just about getting the weeks done. It’s not always nice: the cold, the dark and the SNOW. But each week that goes by is a week closer to the first race. And for me that is next week with the Kenley 10K.

Don’t get me wrong this weeks training has been good. Some good sessions and fitting them in around ‘the circumstances’ has just been a bit more fun. Yesterday (Saturday) was a 60 – 75 mins run but again with the snow the safest option was to do a treadmill run at the gym. Very boring, even some changes in pace and incline to mix it up only helped for a short period of time. 60 mins was the limit mainly due to how warm it was in the gym.

What was good though was the fact last week I struggled with this run. Mark put it down to lack of nutrition so this week I had a bigger breakfast before pump and then eat again after pump and before the run. This seemed to do the trick as no issues this week.

Today was supposed to be a 90 mins bike ride but this is what greeted me this morning:

My beautiful picture








So no early morning ride before the traffic got busy, so as it was a turbo session instead (which can be done at any time of the day) it meant I could go back to bed and have a lay in. An extra hour in bed, a big breakfast and I was fully prepared for the walk to the gym/shed at the end of the garden.

My beautiful picture









Thankfully the 90 mins on the turbo seemed to go quick and it was a lot warmer in the shed than it was outside.

So 8 hours of training this week, no aches, no pains, no niggles etc.

Diet has been going OK but again no real weight loss to speak of. Only 1lb lighter than I was two weeks ago but I would rather that than lose a lot of weight and be ill. Maybe a few less calories next week and see if I can get down to losing 1lb a week.

Next week will be a challenge as well. Snow means hassle getting to and from work tomorrow which will eat into training time in the evening, a trip to Manchester on Wednesday means an early start and missing pump class and a work event Thursday evening means another ‘lost’ evening.

But hey where there is a will, there’s a way (there’s always a way).

Thanks for reading. And be careful out there.

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