Planning for 2013

I cannot believe my last blog was over the New Year period, it feels like yesterday.

Had a really good meeting with Mark (my coach) last weekend. And we have made some really good plans off the back of it.


I am on a calorie controlled diet – we are experimenting on my base number of calories needed per day and how many extra for training in order to lose around 1lb – 2lb per week. So base of circa 1,750 calories per day plus 500 – 1000 calories per hour spent training (depending how hard the session is) and see if I lose weight. If I lose too much than eat more, lose too few and eat less.

Food balance is also changing, having a bigger meal at lunch time while at work and eating more during the day and then less in the evening. Plus different types of foods, more fish and nuts and meat and less bread and potatoes. A big change but that’s what I wanted and expected.


I had already planned to do a few things: 10K run in Kenley in January (27th), half marathon in Feb at Dorney lakes and a very hilly cycling sportive 3rd March. All of these are to see how my fitness is going into the season.

The 10k was a key event as I was going for a sub 50 mins, but as I am carrying a lot of weight at the moment (12st versus target of 11st) and having been ill over Christmas and missing two weeks of training, I am just going to go easy and see what happens.

I have booked the Tri-Topia training Camp in May which Mark is running as it is focussed on training for half and Iron man distances.

The day after I come back from this I am doing the Pearson 150K cycling sportive. I am doing this with my brother, so it will be an easier ride (no offense bro)!

Weymouth Olympic distance on 9th June then a half iron man 14th July. At the moment this is Marlow (again) but I am trying to look for a different one after the shambles of last year and the mud bath of a run we are had to endure.

Big holiday end of July / first week of August to North Carolina and maybe a sprint distance triathlon there as well.

Then 1st September Olympic distance at Reading and end of September (29th) Hever Castle half Iron Man.

Then – get this – late October / November – A MARATHON!

So massive year this year. Partly to make up for an injured 2012 and partly because I want to do a big year.

So training is key this year to stay injury free and healthy. Which is down to Mark and having met him last week I have every confidence he can shape me (literally) into someone who can not only do the above but in a decent finishing time for each event.

Training started in earnest this week after the illness over Christmas as did the diet. It was a tough week, a hard Turbo session Monday, massive 90 mins swim session on Tuesday, and another swim session on Thursday, couple of pump classes in the week to strengthen my back and core and a tough run this morning straight after the pump class and hence on the settee resting now.

Two  hour bike ride tomorrow and then week 1 done.

Just hope all his talk of snow next week is rubbish.

Thanks for reading.

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