Happy New Year

Fingers crossed I have got rid of the cold I had. It was more a throat infection then a cold. Main symptom was a sore throat and tiredness rather than the runny nose etc you get with a cold.

I am writing this blog poolside from Sunny Sharm (Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt). I had to fly out for some ‘business’. I arrived early evening yesterday (Sunday) and fly back tomorrow so it really is a flying visit. I am also on my own for the trip. My wife opted to stay at home rather than spend a day travelling, another day on various building sites and then another day travelling. Wise woman my wife.

I arrived OK yesterday but didn’t sleep too well last night and resulted in me being wide awake at 4am this morning. In the end I got up at 6.30am and did an easy 40 mins run at 7am around Naama Bay. Then did a monty stretch session and exercises on the back and core. All the things Physio4Life told me to do. Was really nice to get out running again after the illness but also in the sun. Those runs where it’s like you are the only person up and about, sun breaking through the clouds (of which there were only a few).

It was bliss.

So it’s New Year’s Eve – Two questions:

What was 2012 all about?

And what’s in store for 2013?

2012 – The positives

I did a half marathon (stand alone)

I did a half iron man – not only that I did it in under 6 hours (thanks again Mark, this was all down to you).

I got my weight down to a trim 70KG for the event.

I ‘met’ Mark and signed him up as my coach and he is excellent – a real find. He does such well structured programs that are easy to follow and fit in and they make a difference on my performance. I am running stronger then ever before and there is just the feeling nothing is impossible.

Got a new bike.

2012 – The negatives

Was out for so long with the back/knee injury. Really threw me off my stride.

Work went mental and even if I wasn’t injured I am not sure what I could have done event wise and training wise.


Two key resolutions:

1)   I am not going to drink alcohol in 2013.

2)   I am going to try and get the work / life balance better aligned

One of them will be very easy and one very hard, sadly the first is the easy one!

Regarding triathlon goals for 2013 that will have to wait as I am seeing Mark on Sunday to have a chat about what I could do/should do re events in 2013, training schedules, health and linked to that nutrition (my achillies heel) . I am really looking forward to this meeting. Firstly to meet Mark in person, but also to chat about me and all of the above.

Key questions like:

–                    In view of my poor work / life balance what can I realistically expect to achieve in 2013.

–                  How can I lose weight and then stay at a constant weight. I balloon up (like now) then go on a crash diet and lose loads of weight and then get ill. I want to get to my race weight of 70KG and maintain that for the year. Quitting the drink will help this.

I have also highlighted weaknesses I want to focus on, obvious ones are:

–                    core strength and conditioning (which is why I got injured)

–                    running better (want to beat my 10K and half marathon PB’s)

And also some other ones I have been thinking about e.g. hill climbing on the bike I am weak at. You know the real ‘chain breaker’ climbs where you are going to die if you don’t stop and then some older gent whizzes past you like you are standing still.

So next Sunday will be a real key day and probably the most important ‘session’ of 2013.

Thanks for reading. And HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Merry Christmas

Happy christmas to all my followers (up to 5 I think!)

Still got man flu, it’s not as bad as it was. I am up and about, past few days have been more in bed or laying on the settee than ‘moving about’.

No Christmas Day run, for obvious reasons, a four year tradition broken, but I am strangely OK with it. I definitely was OK at 11am when it was bucketing it down with heavy rain, but now the sun is out and a post heavy rain run would have been nice.

Means I can drink (alcohol) which isn’t the best thing for a highly tuned athlete, which is why it is OK for me to drink!

Hopefully I can drink now as I won’t be able to New Years Eve as I will be training. Well that’s the Christmas wish.

Have a great christmas and here’s to 2013, making plans already.


So where the hell have you been!

Sincere apologies for the lack of posts for weeks, in fact months!

My working life has been so busy I just have not had time. Long hours and weekend working has meant every spare moment I get there are at least 3 or 4 things I need to do in that time.

Good news is the injury that caused so much downtime this year is fully cleared. The past four or five weeks I have been training and some quite tough sessions. That has included some longer runs at 70, 80 and 90 mins. All was going well.

The past two weeks have been hard with end of year figures to hit at work, the usual client, staff and supplier Christmas do’s to attend and trying to get some training in. Even though Mark and I (Mark’s my coach) thought we had tip toed around the do’s to make sure I went into the Christmas break from work healthy, I now have a cold. This is a real shame as the next two weeks were going to be a big block of training. However, after being out for several months with an injury, a cold seems like nothing and will be a week or two of down time.

So what is in store for 2013? Usual aim to improve my running, but with a full year of Mark at my side the same old goals now seem possible. So going for a sub 50 minute 10K in January, and a sub 2 hour half marathon. I am looking at the Race your Pace half at Dorney Lakes in February and the Croydon half in April.

Usual pre race SRS cycling sportives, more as training rides then as aims or goals. But the big ride this year is the Pearson 150K London to Brighton and back. I did this 2 years ago in just under 7 hours including a long rest at Brighton. I want to smash that this year. I am trying to get into the London 2 Paris 3 day bike ride through my brothers work, but that is a long shot.

Then a couple of half iron man events. Not going to do Marlow again (I don’t think I will as yet). I have my eye on the Hever castle one in September – looks and sounds like a nice one, local and good for supporters. And I have a coupon for New Forest Tri as I didn’t do the half there I had booked this year, so I may do an Olympic there. If possible I might do another Olympic or a few sprints for a laugh, but they won’t be A races.

But I am doing the Austria Iron man in 2014 – if I can get a place when entries open in 2013.

I am going to revamp the website over Xmas as well. I need to do a recommendation on Physio4Life who sorted out my injury and put a recommendation for Mark, I am enjoying the structured, common sense (when you know what you are doing) approach to workouts that Mark provides, as well as endless help and advice.

So a big year planned for 2013 and I will seriously try and be better at blogging.

Thanks for reading.