I am running!

I am pleased to report another good week.

I saw Mark the Consultant at Physio4Life last Wednesday and he was very impressed with progress. He gave me some more dynamic exercises for my back and core and then he said those magic words ‘I think you’re ready to try a run’.

Before my next Turbo session, he suggested I do an easy 10 minute run. Effectively treat the run as my warm up for the turbo.

So last Thursday evening I did my usual back exercises, then I did the more dynamic ones and then I did an easy paced 10 minute run (turned out to be 12 minutes as that was the once around the block time). Then I jumped on the turbo and did a 60 minute structured session. Then after the turbo I did the exercises again post work out.

All was good.

That was Thursday, I rested on the Friday (having trained Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues and Thursday) – Saturday I did a swim (1,900 metres) and all felt good.

Mark said if the first run went well I should try a second run so I did a second run and Turbo session on Sunday morning. This didn’t go as well, no severe pain or anything like that but more niggling this time then it was the Thursday before. I think the reason for this was the fact it was a morning run and turbo and not an evening session. My back is a lot stiffer in the morning and gets ‘looser’ during the day, so I think it was the fact I was stiffer than usual. I was out Sunday afternoon and evening so it was either train in the morning or miss the session.

I also didn’t get home until late in the evening on Sunday so I didn’t do the exercises as thoroughly as I usually do. If I am honest it was more of a token effort!

So a stiffer back today and twinges of the knee, but not due to the running, more due to the fact I trained in the morning.

So back exercises when I get in from work later this evening (the usual ones and the new more dynamic ones) and before I go to bed and again in the morning and will see if it eases up.

Thanks for reading.

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