Getting my Mojo back

Second post within a week – starts to show I am getting back into training again after my injury.

Two really good swim and turbo sessions (thanks to Mark my coach) and all seems good. I say thanks Mark as the difference between doing a properly structured sessions versus ‘just going for a swim’ or ‘doing a turbo’ is amazing. The session goes so quick and yet you feel like you have done a session.

The two swims (Tuesday and today) were good, short but structured and the Turbo’s (both an hour) on Wednesday and yesterday have really perked me up on the training front. Mark also limited me to 5 sessions this week, which was key because when all is going well the temptation to do a session everyday  was there. I even wanted to do a turbo yesterday morning and a swim in the afternoon, but no point in having a coach if you aren’t going to follow his advice, so one session only and only 5 sessions this week.

I am keen to start running but I am also extremely nervous about running. I am back to see Mark Saunders at Physio4Life on Wednesday and will see what he has to say on progress before chatting to Mark (the coach) about running. I think I may be another week away from running and even then I am assuming it will be some very short and easy runs, probably treadmill based so I can stop if I need to.

The back is still achey at times and my knee still twinges at times, but it’s all about getting movement and flex into my back in a progressive and structured way, so twinges shouldn’t stop me training.

So patience is key and hence still not looking at any events to book up over the winter, yet!

Let’s see what next week brings.

Thanks for reading.


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