Same old same old

Hi there

Not written for a while as no progress or movement in weeks (again).

Knee/back issue is still there. Still seeing Mark at Physio4life every week, still doing easy back exercises to get the back moving more and to try and stop it stiffening up.

A typical example is today I woke up with a very stiff back, very painful just lying in bed, got up and moved around a bit and it loosened up, did my back exercises and it felt fine after an hour or so. Just went into Croydon for a mooch and to get a few birthday presents for the wife and at times my knee was hurting (say a 5 out of 10) other times it didn’t hurt at all. Back was fine for the whole trip. Now sitting here writing this my knee is fine and my back is aching again.

I am going to go for a swim later today, nice and easy and see how it goes. If OK I may do a little turbo tomorrow evening and then a swim on Tuesday, then got a session with Mark on Wednesday.

Hopefully work should start to be a bit easier now and so I hope to do some lite training for the next few weeks …. but then I posted that last month!

Thanks for reading


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