Beer, Beer, Beer

Since my last blog I have been a complete beer monster!

I am usually so good when training for an event, no (or very little) alcohol, good food, good sleep/rest etc as soon as I am injured I go the other way.

I posted the last blog on Monday 20th August. The next day (Tuesday) there were leaving drinks for someone at work – so pub, Wednesday I took someone to Chelsea using our company tickets – free food and drink, Thursday a company networking event – free drink all evening.

Friday I was up at 5am loading up the car to go to Orleans in France where we were camping for the long(er) bank holiday weekend with my wife, daughter and some friends. Friday evening was pizza and chips and beer beer beer. Over the next three days I consumed a mountain of burgers, sausages, bacon, bread, pastries and of course more beer beer beer (and Cidre!)

I did do some training while there. Saturday an easy bike ride with the family circa 90 mins 20K, Sunday we did a longer ride about 40K but with plenty of stops and at a slow pace,  as I was with others who were on mountain bikes so it was a very easy ride. Monday I did a 38K time trial. I completed the ‘there and back’ course in 1hour 16 mins. It was a good hard ride but I paid the price with the knee.

The knee has been so bad over the past two weeks the drive to Orleans was ‘awkward’. When we stopped for a rest and a stretch of the ole legs every couple of hours I could barely walk. Each cycle ride meant the knee was sore after the ride and into the evening. Following the time trial on Monday I could hardly get off the bike and it was a full on limp for a good few hours afterwards.

Luckily I had an appointment with Physio 4 Life at Putney on Wednesday morning. After a very thorough 1 hour consultation and examination, which included some exercise on the treadmill to get the knee hurting, Mark (Saunders) diagnosed it as a nerve issue. Kind of like a trapped nerve in my knee. This is why is hurts but then the pain can go completely shortly afterwards.

This is all very positive – it’s not cartilage damage and it’s not tendonitis (which could be a long recovery) the nerve issue, if all goes well, could be better in a matter of weeks (but take it slowly Webby!)

Mark also noticed (or to be accurate investigated and found) how stiff my lower back is. He thinks this could well be linked or could even be the underlying issue. With my back so stiff the Femoral nerve, which travels down my back and down my leg under the knee, may be restricted from its usual movement and this is causing the knee issue?

I have a series of exercises to do 2 – 3 times per day to free up my back and also some exercises on my knee. I have another appointment next week to gauge progress.

I am also now back on a diet to lose the extra few pounds (or stones!) gained in the past few weeks and alcohol is out too. I am hoping the exercises will do the trick sooner rather than later and then I can start training again (mid September or end of September at the latest).

I might see if I can do some upper body or abs work so I am not a couch potato – over to the Mark to see if he agrees . But I will caveat that with the fact that work is so busy at the moment I am spending much of my time chained to my desk at work. I wonder if that could be why my back is so stiff ………

Thanks for reading.

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