Season is over

Very long time since my last blog for which I apologise but there hasn’t really been much to say. My knee has gone from bad to worse.

Any exercise at all and the knee starts to hurt during and is very bad after. After this weekend, exercise also includes driving the car!

I drove my wife and daughter to their Novice Super Sprint triathlon in Ringmer (near East Grinstead) and just driving for an hour each way my knee was painful all afternoon. Back on the ice and Ibuprofen by the evening.

We are away this weekend (Friday – Tuesday) camping in Orleans in France. I am still taking my bike, as is my wife and daughter, but whether I will be able to ride at all is a big question mark. The minimum is that I would like to be able to ride with my wife and daughter just so I can give some help on gears and handling etc. But as it’s a 6 hour drive there I am not that hopeful to be able to ride at all.

Next week I will go to the doctor’s to get a referral to go private and see a specialist as my private insurance will cover me if I get a referral from the GP and it needs a proper look at it. And I am guessing some ongoing treatment.

Having had the bad knee for 8 weeks now and rested it A LOT in that time and there has been no improvement in the past 5 weeks I don’t think it will be a quick fix.

I am in the process of cancelling the Half Iron Man on 23rd September and luckily I didn’t enter any more events this summer. I am hoping to be able to train by the winter for next year. I am thinking of swimming lessons to improve my technique and maybe a winter series of bike rides to do some competing this year. Ideally some half marathons and 10K’s over the winter too, but one step at a time at the moment.

I have also emailed about marshalling at the Half in September as I am going anyway as we have a hotel room booked so might as well make myself useful and that will be a new experience for me.

Finally, a bit more about the Novice triathlon yesterday. Which was a great deal of fun. The event is very low key, very well organised and very easy to enter. It’s a real mixed bag of competitors both for the novice and the sprint distance. My wife and daughter went ‘head to head’ for the second time this year after my wife demolished Leigh at the East Grinstead try-a-tri earlier in the year.

Leigh went off first and had a terrible swim as she is a terrible swimmer, lessons needed there to improve, my wife had a superb swim (she has a better technique than I do) but she didn’t put her number belt on when leaving T1 and got sent back and lost time. The wife made up time on the bike (Leigh on my mountain bike, the wife on her Specialised Douche) but Leigh was in and out of T2 in a flash and the wife took forever! So it was all on the run and Leigh gave it her all, the sprint at the finish was awesome she must have overtaken three others on the finishing straight. But even though my wife runs like Leigh swims! Leigh couldn’t make up the difference.

The wife won again and by 6 minutes, but the last win was by 20 or so minutes, so Leigh is improving. Our camping trip will focus on giving Leigh a better basic swim stroke and getting her used to one of my race bikes and next race it will be even closer.

For me, looks like the season’s over.

Thanks for reading  

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