Inspire the nation – who’s going to inspire the weather?

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog, not been up to much training wise – mainly due to work and specifically work load. After the stomach bug I had a two day work event which meant a stay over, the day I returned I didn’t get home until late due to traffic on the M25 so didn’t train that evening either, so the week was almost gone with no training.

This week I started to step up to the mark. Last weekend (Saturday) I did a 90 minute turbo, I rested Sunday, I didn ‘t get in from work on Monday until gone 9pm but I still did a 40 minute turbo, I was out Tuesday evening and I rested Wednesday. Thursday I did another turbo of 60 minutes.

I rested Friday and yesterday (Sat) I did a 40 minute run, two easy laps around Beddington Park. Rained during the run but I run through it and weirdly it was only one section of the park where it was raining. But a good run, the knee held up fine and all felt good.

Today I got up at 7am, had breakfast and went for a 2 hour bike ride. The Sun was out so I didn’t take my gillet and also my wife was driving to Richmond Park (where I was cycling to) as she was going to do a lap or two as she has a Super sprint tri a couple of week away.

It was so good to get out on the bike rather than sitting on the turbo in the shed. Nice ride there, it had been raining but it wasn’t by the time I got there. caught up with my wife about half way around the first lap and ‘motivated’ her up the big hill, mainly by suggesting a different gear to make it easier for her.

She loaded her bike back into the car and set off for home and I did another lap and then would ride home. Another good lap, drafted some other riders for a bit, went down on the drops for most of the lap. Then after the lap was done I set off home.

Got to Wimbledon Park and the rain came down. It was like a sheet of water. I got soaked but the roads were also so wet and flooding in places as the drains couldn’t keep up, so I stopped at a bus stop until the worse had cleared. 20 minutes later it was still bucketing it down. Other ‘inpsired’ riders, in shorts and a cycling top were also soaked to the skin and riding in dangerous conditions.

I called my wife to say I would be later back (due to the weather, not because of an accidnet) and she agreed to turn her bath off and come back out to pick me up. I cycled to Wimbledon and she picked me up from there. I had the heater in the car on full blast while I trid to warm up and then straight in the shower when I got home. Still waiting (2 hours later) for the rain to stop so I can get the bike out the car to wipe it down. Watching the Marathon which is happening live ….. in the pouring rain …..

Oh and my knee hurts.

Thanks for reading

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