A bad week that turned to pooh!

This time last week I was leaving the office to go on a 45 mins run. My first run since the Half three weeks earlier and the first test that my knee was back to normal and ready to be trained on.

In a nutshell – it wasn’t!

First 30 mins were fine, nice pace, nice run actually really enjoyable to be out there again pounding the streets (well the park). But then my knee went. It started hurting so I stopped. I had to walk home and by the time I got home (10 mins walk) it was very painful.

I did the stretching the physio suggested, iced it up and took ibuprofen. By bed time it was feeling better. Next day it was worse during the day and got worse as the day went on. More ice and ibuprofen Tuesday night and by Wednesday it was fine. No pain at all. It went as quickly as it came.

 I decided to rest Wednesday even though the leg felt fine. I cannot use the pool at the gym on a Wednesday so to train would have meant a turbo session which was a bit soon for the leg so I rested.

Thursday I hit the turbo. I had been suffering with a dodgy stomach late afternoon so it wasn’t the most comfortable of turbo sessions. The leg felt fine and again it was good to be working out. I was planning on a 1 hour turbo but after 45 mins my stomach was rolling so I called it a day.

Friday I had an upset stomach – real bad. I got through the day with regular trips to the loo, but the evening swim was a no no!

I felt really tired Friday evening so I went to bed at 10pm mainly because I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the settee. I slept from 10pm right through to 10am – a solid 12 hours sleep. Still felt rough, several loo trips during the day, another snooze in the afternoon and back in bed by 10pm.

Another 11 hours sleep Saturday night! Sunday much the same. Very bad stomach, never too far away from the loo, not good company – if you know what I mean!

Sent Mark an update. Confirmed to him the Half in 4 weeks time is out of the question, next focus is the Reading Olympic distance in early September. That is a long way off, but I need to put a good training block down before I think about racing again.   

 Stomach was still bad this morning so no training today – a business trip in the week means I probably won’t train again until Thursday – all being well.

Not the season I thought it was going to be – but then it never is!!

Thanks for reading.

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