Physio session

After the knee ‘went again’ last Wednesday the earliest appointment I could get for the physio was this afternoon.  

The knee has improved a lot again this week. It was better by Friday with hardly no pain at all and today (Saturday) there has been no pain at all.

The Physio said there was no ligament damage and it was ‘just’ inflammation around the knee cap. This also ties in with Ibuprofen relieving the pain as soon as I took some, along with the ice and rest.

So why the inflammation?

A number of possibles:

1)      Following the Half I didn’t stretch as much as I should have (err well not much at all if I am honest). I then cleaned up and sat in the car for 2 plus hours being driven home. This tighted up my Quads and shortened them so they pulled on the knee cap. Then when they were really tight I then unloaded the car, washed the bike, sorted my stuff etc,

2)      My Quads aren’t strong enough and I need to do some strength and/or weight training on my Quads to improve their strength. With the Quads not being strong they cannot hold the correct form for the cycle and then the run and hence I lose form and pull on ligaments and tendons.  

3)      I wear Orthotics which were ‘prescribed’2 years ago, the Physio suggested I go back for a recheck to make sure my biometrics are still aligned with the Orthotics I use.

As far training goes, she is happy I start to train as long as it is easy and low resistance and I stop if in any pain.

So over to Mark ( for some easy sessions for the forthcoming week and his feedback and input on strength training of the Quads.

Thanks for reading.

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