Absolutely GUTTED!

The blog entitled ‘Hero to Zero’ was about my injured knee after the Half Ironman in Marlow. All was fine during the race and immediately after, but a few hours after I got home it started to hurt and by the evening it was agony, hurt all night and all day Monday. I ended up in A&E Monday evening with a diagnosis of inflamed tendons around my knee cap.

Rest, ice and ibuprofen.

I did that Tuesday and it was better – a lot better. I couldn’t rest it Wednesday or Thursday as I had a work event to attend, so it made no improvement, but resting it as much as possible Friday while at work and then being a couch potato Friday evening and all day Saturday – by Sunday it was back up to 95%.

Sunday I did an easy 30 mins swim with the pull bouy and although a few tweaks on Monday the knee was fine and Bournemouth was on for this coming weekend.

I did an easy 20 mins turbo last night. No pain at all and no issues this morning – I even looked up hotels in Bournemouth for Saturday night.

I nipped out at lunchtime to get a sandwich and within 20 metres of walking I was hobbling as the pain in my knee had come back. No reason why, I didn’t knock it or twist it or jar it etc it just suddenly started hurting. Now it is hurting when I bend it whilst walking and so I am back to my limping.

No swim and bike session tonight, no ride tomorrow evening and most importantly no Bournemouth Sprint Tri on Sunday.

‘Fed up’ doesn’t begin to describe it!

Not just missing the race but when will I be able to train ‘properly’ again.

I will end the blog here before I spiral into self pity.

Thanks for reading.

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