The good and the bad

Part of the post race analysis is what went well and what could be improved for the next one – I have never done this before but here goes:

The Goods

The lead up to the race – the week before was calm, relaxed, easy on the legs, early night’s so lots of sleep, no crappy foods, no alcohol.

Very well prepared – clothes for all weathers, spare this, spare that, all details sorted well in advance, directions to the hotel, bike route etc.

Lack of stress – tried to be relaxed as much as possible. we were asked to rack bikes on Saturday but I knew I would be anxious leaving my bike there overnight so I racked it Sunday.

Visualisation – read about this a lot and took it on board. I knew every detail of the race strategy. Warm up on the swim was vital (I know I take time to get used to the water temp) start at the back, get a good rhythm and build, go easy until half way then start to push the pace, transitions – I knew what to wear if hot, warm and cold, what order to put it on etc, Bike was 2.5 laps with a strategy for each lap (pace and nutrition) I was not looking at it as one long 90 K ride, T2 again I knew what I was going to run in and what shots and nutrition to take, the run I was looking at a pace of 10kmph to do the run in 2 hours and slow if I needed to.

I even knew what clothes to wear after the event and what food I was going to eat and when for the next 2 – 3 hours. 

Nutrition on the day – breakfast was sorted, knew what the hotel would and would not provide, so I had taken porridge and a sandwich, croissants etc purchased the day before, food for the journey and while setting up – all was planned well in advance.

No huge expectation put on myself – so could relax and enjoy it more. This was probably the hardest one!

The bads

The run – I go into it with the such negativity – ‘hope I can finish the run’, ‘hope I can keep this pace’ etc need to turn it around and build confidence on the run section – and I am confident Mark will know how to help me with this.

Need to get more aero on the bike. Everyone who passed me was on the drops or on aero bars – I ride too upright.

Need to get used to running and riding without socks to save time in transitions. 

The sponsor of the event was Maxifuel so there were Maxifuel products at the feed stations. But I hadn’t tried any of these so I had to carry my own nutrtition which was extra weight and hassle. Try the sponsor’s products in advance of the event so you can make use of the freebies. 

To be honest I am having trouble thinking of more negatives.


Thanks for reading

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