Hero to Zero

In my previous blog on the Half I mentioned how muddy it was. I have since found a photo one of the marshalls took and this is what the muddy areas were like ….

Following the race on Sunday we got home about 4 – 5 pm Sunday afternoon. Whilst unloading the car, cleaning the bike etc my right knee started to hurt.

By late afternoon it was worse and it hurt to put any weight on it and bending my knee was out of the question.

By the time bedtime came around it was agony trying to get upstairs. I was so tired I went out like a light. But I was woken up at 4am by a stabbing pain in my knee if I moved it 1mm.

It was agony and it kept me awake most of the rest of the night. I had already booked Monday as a working from home day. The wife helped me to the settee before she left for work and with a pile of work, my laptop, phone etc all within reach I spent the day on the settee in a great deal of pain.

We agreed during the day that as soon as my wife got in from work we would go to A&E and get it checked out.

After a few hours of queuing I was seen by a nurse and doctor and the diagnosis was ‘inflamed tendons around the knee cap’ due to over use the remedy was Ibuprofen, keeping the leg elevated and applying ice and at least a weeks rest (from exercise).

I got back from the hospital, took some pills and put ice on the leg. A good nights sleep last night and today all day I have had ice on it and had more Ibuprofen (another day working from home) and it has improved a great deal already. I can put weight on it and bend my knee almost all the way now, yesterday I couldn’t move it at all. It isn’t sorted but hopefully it is a good start.

I got a positive reaction from Mark (my coach) on the Half and also on the injury. We need to wait and see how the leg is before we make a call on the Bournemouth Sprint distance tri on 8th July – as Mark rightly points out that is only 11 days away and I am on the settee with a pain in my leg and no exercise for a week – so it doesn’t look like I will be seeing the sea anytime soon.

Thanks for reading.

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