Two days to go

Two days to go – I cannot believe it, it has crept up on me so fast. It seems like only a few weeks ago I was filling in the online registration form!

This week has been a very different one to the norm. Very little training – just a few bits here and there. Trying to make sure sleep has been plentiful so loads of early nights. Sensible food all week (no takeaways or cheats) and no alcohol. I have been behaving (almost) like a proper athlete.

A restful evening this evening. Leaving work on time, chillaxing in front of the TV this evening and an early night. Up early tomorrow for some last minute exercise before packing, loading the car and the drive to Marlow – aiming to leave by 11am.    

Then it’s all about registration, the right food and drink during the day tomorrow, relaxing and chilling as much as I can and a good night’s sleep, ready for the 3.30am alarm call on Sunday ………..

Then the fun starts.

Thanks for reading.

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