To sum up

So boot camp is over and I am back home.

To sum up my activities at Boot Camp:

The Wife and I were away for a total of 15 days. Two days were travelling each way, and I rested the day after and the day before travelling as it was long haul flights. I also rested another 2 days whilst there so I trained for 9 out of the 15 days.

During those 9 days I trained a total of 25.5 hours broken down as 2 hours swimming (all open water), 19 hours cycling and 4.5 hours running.

I completed a total of 863K  (536 miles) broken down as 4.1K swimming, 437K cycling and 42K running.

I burnt a total of 17,600 calories whilst exercising.

So all in all a good boot camp. The main positive I bought back was the building of my confidence that after so much illness I am fit enough to compete in the half ironman on 24th June 2012, three weeks time!

Two days at work and then four days off courtesy of the long bank holiday weekend – so more time to train. At this rate I might even finish the half ironman – see I told you my confidence was high!

Thanks for reading.

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