A perfect day

Today was the last big session of ‘Albuquerque Boot Camp’. I was hoping to go out with a confidence building run, bike, run set.

I set off for a 20 minute run. There is a route ‘around the block’ from the house we are staying at which is quite hilly. It’s down hill to start for 1 min, then it’s flat for 2 – 3 mins, then it’s uphill all the way back to the house (for 3 – 4 mins). So one lap is 7 – 8 mins. This is the route I tried to run off the bike last time and failed and it turned into a run – walk – run – walk event (especially up the hill).

So to go out this morning and knock out 3 laps, non stop, in 7 – 7.30 per lap was good. I went straight in and jumped on the bike and knocked out a 2 hour 40 min ride. Covering just over 60K. Similar route to before which is down hill for 30 mins, then flat around the Bosque trail an then a 40 mins up hill ride home (what goes down must come up!)

Got back to the house fully hydrated and having also eaten 2 Cliff energy bars, a banana and 4 Cliff shot blocks, I put on the trainers and went for my second run.

I hit the first lap in 7.20 and whilst I was out of breath and knackered I had run th complete loop, off the bike, after a 60K ride, on a hilly route, in the midday sun. I rested for 90 seconds and then hit lap number two. Again non stop in a similar time. Excellent.

Was/am extremely happy about this. Running off the bike is my biggest fear and whilst I didn’t ride 90K and I didn’t run a half marathon, it is progress as I did run off the bike non stop.

I rewarded myself with two slices of pizza and a 6″ meatball and cheese baguette and a mug of coffee.

I have now been asked if I want another massage – so I am off for a rub down courtesy of my wife’s aunt. She isn’t qualified but having had massages at my gym, at hotels and in Egypt a lot, she gives the best massage – each one gets better and better.

A gentle 30 min open water swim tomorrow and then homeward bound the day after.

Thanks for reading.

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