Back to the Lake

A real good day today. Another open water swim. And a really good one. Swum for just over an hour but the Garmin didn’t tell me how far I had swum.Well it did, it said I had swum more than 4K in an hour! Puts me up with the Brownlee’s so I am assuming it was faulty. I reckon more like 2 – 2.5K – which is what the training programme said I should do. But a really solid swim. Got into a good rythmn very early, sighting was spot on and banged out four loops in similar times, so consistent pace as well. 

Then a 20 minute run straight off the swim. Was hard, real hard. Was very hot (90 – 95 degrees) and the only road to the lake and therefore to run on was up hill for 10 mins, turn and 10 mins run back.

The uphill was too hard to finish. I stopped a couple of times just to get my heart rate down. Once I had turned I run the down hill bit without stopping, what an achievement! I can run downhill without stopping.


That was the second run I had done where I have had to stop, so this evening’s run was important to complete NON STOP. I didn’t go out until 7.30pm (to avoid the heat) and it was still in the 80’s then. But I knocked out the 7.7K in 48 mins without stopping. Job done and chomped on a well deserved chicken sandwich when I returned.

The alarm is set for tomorrow for another big session. 3 – 3.5 hour bike ride and a 20 minute run off the bike. With the weather as hot as it is here at the moment, the only way to do the set without frying is to start at 8am. So the alarm is set for 7am.

Tomorrow afternoon may be a slow one, got a big session of recovery / sleep / no movement scheduled.

Thanks for reading.  

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