A nice long ride and the run from hell

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going for a bike ride with a neighbour of the relatives we are staying with. Steve and I agreed it would be an easy two and a half hour ride. We set off from the house and took the back roads and cycle lanes to the Bosque Trail. I promised some picks of this trail and below is an example of the Bosque Trail ..


It just goes on and on like this forever and ever. You come to a turn (eventually) you make the turn and you get this


More of the same – it just goes on and on.

Steve and I had an excellent ride. There was a bit of a head wind in some places so we did some drafting to keep the speed going. We ended up riding for two and three quarter hours covering almost 70K. It was just pure endulgence. We are going to do it again before the hols end.

I rested in the afternoon and at 4pm I went for an 8K run around ‘The Academy’. Started off OK. Good pace, legs were fine – all was good. It was a bit hot, actually it was very hot, actually it was so hot I didn’t enjoy much of the run after the first 10 minutes. The rest was a bit of a blur. The music on the Ipod wasn’t enough to help me get through it.

It was just hell. I stopped at 5K (30 mins) and thought – it is 85 degrees, I have just run 5K in 30 mins (a very good pace for me for a training run) – WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING WEBB! Slow the hell down.

So I did a run, walk, run the rest of the way back – ended up doing 7.5K in 50 mins.

I know I looked rough when I got back to the house and everyone was asking if I was OK.

I felt it this morning too when I started my bike ride for today. Legs were heavy and achy. Very heavy legged. In the end I did just a 90 mins easy ride spinning the legs. Took the rest of the afternoon off.

Big lake swim ( at Cochiti Lake – see previous blog) and a long run lined up for tomorrow, so I shouldn’t have too many of these ice cold Cools Lights I have in the fridge – but then I am on holiday!

Thanks for reading. 


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