Bricking it!

Had a rest day today after a very tough brick session yesterday.

13K run which took 80 mins followed by a 90 mins bike session including 15 mins of efforts.

The run was a challenge. Started off easy, nice pace, nice and comfortable all the way to the 40 minute mark. The plan was to run there and run back in the same time, so an even pace, as pacing myself is the big challenge.

I turned at 39 mins just before a big down hill, the run back was hard. Very warm, very demanding and very hard. Was a true head down and get on with it. The road I ran on is the Bosque trail, no traffic, just runners, cyclists, roller bladers on a perfect surface alongside the Rio Grande. I will take a picture and post it soon as you have to see it to believe it. It is a long straight perfect road that goes on and on. Then a little down and up, to get under an underpass, to get passed a road.

I was glad when the run ended. I was planing to do another 10 mins to get up to 90 mins in total but the car park was in sight so I just run in and got the bike out of the truck.

Then a nice easy cycle again on the Bosque trail for 60 mins. All nice. I was surprised my legs were OK after the run but then I was going easy. After the east 60 mins I hit the 15 minutes of effort and the pain started. 15 mins at 95% HR was pure hell. The water supplies were low, the sweat was pouring off me and the legs were aching. No actually the legs were screaming. When that was done I backed off and went back to the easy pace and finished up the last 15 mins.

I spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the settee chillaxing – I am on holiday after all!

Thanks for reading.


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