Two good weeks on the bounce

Another good week under my belt.

Two good runs, one with some efforts included, a good swim and today was a good 2 hour turbo session again with efforts. If it wasn’t for work drinks on Thursday evening, which included a few too many beers, there would have been an extra swim in there too.

A swim is lined up for tomorrow evening though after I have spent the morning supporting my wife and daughter doing a ladies Try-a-Tri at East Grinstead.

Then Monday morning up and off to Heathrow airport for a flight to Atlanta and then to Alburquque. I plan to do a lot of training while I am out there. Really hope to get back on track. Also need to try and lose some of this damm weight I have put on.

Today I treated myself to a new bike. I have spent a long time deliberating on what to get and whether to just upgrade my current bike by getting a new frame Vs buying an entire new bike. In the end I went for the entire frame as you can never have enough bikes!

I went for the Boardman 9.4 AIR. It’s very good value for the price. A very good groupset, good components and they sell them without the wheels as an option so I went for that as I have good wheels and I don’t fancy tubulars.

I am hoping it will be ready for when I get back from my hols and I can get some good rides under my belt before the big race.

Thanks for ready.   

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