A good week – at last!

Finally got some good training sessions under my belt. Seems like an age ago when I last felt like I had trained.

Just loving these bank holiday weekends as well. That extra day makes so much difference. Means you can train that little bit longer or harder knowing you can have a little bit more rest during the day and NO STRESS factors from work.

Last Monday I did a 60 mins turbo session, Tuesday was a swim, work commitments meant no training on Wednesday or Thursday. Friday I also rested as well. Didn’t get home from work until later than I wanted and it had been a crappy week so I decided to rest again and set myself up for a big weekend rather than train Friday night when tired.

Saturday was a 2 hour turbo (raining again so opted for a turbo session rather than a ride in the pouring rain). I didn’t do much in terms of a session, just found a good gear and rode and rode. I did try to get on the drops as much as I could and checked my riding position in the mirror on the wall. One good thing about the easier sessions, while I regain fitness, is I can concentrate on technique and form. So on the drops as much as I could, checking of riding position and regular fluid and food intake.

Sunday was a 40 minute run and I finally got to run outside. I checked my heart rate to keep it easy but it felt like a really nice run. Very enjoyable indeed. Time flew by as it was the first run out on the road for ages. Was overcast all the time I run and I was expecting rain as soon as I got to the furthest point of the loop and back, but luckily it stayed dry. I then did a one hour turbo session straight off the run. Again tried to stay on the drops and make sure technique and form was good.

Today I did a 35 minute run at the gym on the treadmill. Mainly as again it was overcast, running for a second day on the bounce I wanted a softer terrain so wanted a treadmill run and also as I am still regaining fitness  I wanted the option, if feeling tired whilst running, I could just stop and not be miles away from home.

Tomorrow I am looking to get back in the pool, another run on Wednesday and a swim again Thursday with, what I am sure will be a much-needed rest day on Friday.

The weekend will be a bit easier especially Sunday as I fly to Albuquerque on Monday for a 2 and a half week holiday. Bit of a boot camp situation as ‘the wife and I’ are staying with her aunt and uncle who are into fitness too and we will be running, cycling and swimming while there. I will see how the break goes and then decide if I am fit enough for the first half ironman on the 24th June. I am feeling confident at the moment. Fitness already feels like it is coming back and Mark (the coach, www.ironmate.co.uk) is confident I will be ready, assuming I am injury and importantly healthy over the next 7 or 8 weeks.

Hopefully all illness issues are behind me now and I can concentrate on a good 8 week block of training and race preparation.

Updates on training should now be more frequent – now I am actually training again!

Thanks for reading.

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