Still in the same place

Another disappointing and frustrating week.

Still not well enough to train, been 8 weeks in total since I first got a cold while in Egypt and haven’t really had a day where I felt good since then.

I wake up with a headache and sore throat, feel better after some breakfast, work is very busy at the moment so it’s all go during the day (mainly long days). The sore throat reappears about 4pm and I am almost asleep on the settee by 9pm.

Gets worse and worse during the week and by the weekend I am good for nothing. Yesterday I went to the cycling show at Sandown Park, went to Richmond Park on the way back and was home by 2pm, did nothing all afternoon and fell asleep watching a film at 8pm, went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 9am this morning so 11 hours sleep. I rarely sleep more than 8 hours.

I need to speak to the coach about the half iron man in 9 weeks time. I haven’t trained for 8 weeks. I am happy to accept the half iron maybe out of reach. I am happy to go to finish, forget about a time and get good experience and take it all in. But I don’t want to go and start and have to DNF.

It’s a conversation to have with Mark (my coach) but the first response is ‘we can only decide when we know when you can train again’ so it’s a short conversation.

I have been back to the doctors, have had a swab of my throat taken for tests, and tomorrow I am going for blood tests at St Helier.

Another week of wait and see with the results coming on Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks for reading.


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