When will this hell end?

Sorry for the lack of updates, but to be honest there is nothing to update.

Having been ill previously and only just started to go back to work I was hoping to be back up and training by now. But having started to train I started to feel ill again. Sore throat, achey bones and general crappiness. So I have had to stop again.

Good Friday was my first training session for 3 weeks. Nice and easy session of 90 mins.

I rested Saturday, so as to not go too mad too quick.

Another easy turbo on the Sunday (heart rate all under 80% of max).

Monday I did an easy 35 min run in the morning and a 45 mins swim in the evening.

Tuesday evening another easy 50 mins swim with lots of drills.

Then Wednesday afternoon whilst at work I started to get a sore throat again. I rested Wednesday and Thursday and Friday I tried an easy run. I was running, or jogging would be more accurate, at 8.5 kmph on the treadmill and my HR was over 100% of max HR for the entire run, so I stopped after 15 minutes.

Now (Saturday afternoon) headache and achey, bit of a sore throat but nothing too serious.

Don’t know when I will train next – it’s all up to the coach. As he keeps saying I just need to get better first and then think about training second.

10 weeks until my first ever half iron man event and I have done 5 training sessions in the past 4 weeks. Not a good build up and my confidence is shot to pieces. Nothing I can do at the moment but rest, get better, panic and then take it from there.

Thanks for reading.



One thought on “When will this hell end?”

  1. Oh Darren, you have been having a bit of a rough time. I am sure you will be back training soon, Take care. Camilla xx

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