Getting well again

Not much to report this week as it was mainly spent being ill.

I had three days off work in total and on Tuesday I went to the doctors and got a course of antibiotics for a chest infection.

Was back to work Thursday and attended a work event in the evening so a very late night, also out Friday evenig so another late night (1am!). So spent Saturday resting. Didn’t wake up until 11am and just spent the day being a lazy slob on the settee watching TV (thank God for the Big Bang Theory box set!)

I had to go into work today (4 hours) and then I spent the afternoon cutting the grass. So a bit of exercise, but not really. I took it slow and easy. I have another work event tomorrow evening and then plan to start training Tuesday onwards.

So hopefully the next update will be one worth reading!

Only 11 weeks to go until the first half ironman and I have spent something like 3 out of the last 5 weeks sitting on my backside being ill.

My weight has also gone up to 72.9KG almost 1.5KG weight gain in the past 2 weeks – not good.

Thanks for reading.



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