Fingers crossed it’s over

Been over a week since the last post, no real difference in that week other than the results from blood tests and throat swab have come back as clear.

On that basis I am have restarted training to see if all is OK.

Wednesday evening I did a very easy 30 mins turbo session and Thursday I did an easy 30 mins run at the gym on the treadmill.

I  rested Friday and on Saturday I did a longer turbo of 70 mins with some efforts (85% of max HR for 20 mins). All OK so Sunday I did another 30 minute treadmill run.

I am just leaving work now and will do another turbo session of circa 60 mins this evening. Then it is over to the coach to send through my program for the rest of this week and next and then while I am away.

It’s disappointing how much fitness I have lost through the illness. Hopefully it will come back just as quickly as it went but I am not going to force it. Same with the weight, I am back up to almost 75KG having got down to 71KG but as that may have been a contributing factor to the illness (catching stuff as I was run down, training hard and not eating enough) I am not looking to lose loads of weight too quickly.

It’s only after I have trained for a bit that I will know if June 24th is still on or not. All I can do is start training and hope the fitness comes back.

Thanks for reading.

Still in the same place

Another disappointing and frustrating week.

Still not well enough to train, been 8 weeks in total since I first got a cold while in Egypt and haven’t really had a day where I felt good since then.

I wake up with a headache and sore throat, feel better after some breakfast, work is very busy at the moment so it’s all go during the day (mainly long days). The sore throat reappears about 4pm and I am almost asleep on the settee by 9pm.

Gets worse and worse during the week and by the weekend I am good for nothing. Yesterday I went to the cycling show at Sandown Park, went to Richmond Park on the way back and was home by 2pm, did nothing all afternoon and fell asleep watching a film at 8pm, went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 9am this morning so 11 hours sleep. I rarely sleep more than 8 hours.

I need to speak to the coach about the half iron man in 9 weeks time. I haven’t trained for 8 weeks. I am happy to accept the half iron maybe out of reach. I am happy to go to finish, forget about a time and get good experience and take it all in. But I don’t want to go and start and have to DNF.

It’s a conversation to have with Mark (my coach) but the first response is ‘we can only decide when we know when you can train again’ so it’s a short conversation.

I have been back to the doctors, have had a swab of my throat taken for tests, and tomorrow I am going for blood tests at St Helier.

Another week of wait and see with the results coming on Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks for reading.


When will this hell end?

Sorry for the lack of updates, but to be honest there is nothing to update.

Having been ill previously and only just started to go back to work I was hoping to be back up and training by now. But having started to train I started to feel ill again. Sore throat, achey bones and general crappiness. So I have had to stop again.

Good Friday was my first training session for 3 weeks. Nice and easy session of 90 mins.

I rested Saturday, so as to not go too mad too quick.

Another easy turbo on the Sunday (heart rate all under 80% of max).

Monday I did an easy 35 min run in the morning and a 45 mins swim in the evening.

Tuesday evening another easy 50 mins swim with lots of drills.

Then Wednesday afternoon whilst at work I started to get a sore throat again. I rested Wednesday and Thursday and Friday I tried an easy run. I was running, or jogging would be more accurate, at 8.5 kmph on the treadmill and my HR was over 100% of max HR for the entire run, so I stopped after 15 minutes.

Now (Saturday afternoon) headache and achey, bit of a sore throat but nothing too serious.

Don’t know when I will train next – it’s all up to the coach. As he keeps saying I just need to get better first and then think about training second.

10 weeks until my first ever half iron man event and I have done 5 training sessions in the past 4 weeks. Not a good build up and my confidence is shot to pieces. Nothing I can do at the moment but rest, get better, panic and then take it from there.

Thanks for reading.



Getting well again

Not much to report this week as it was mainly spent being ill.

I had three days off work in total and on Tuesday I went to the doctors and got a course of antibiotics for a chest infection.

Was back to work Thursday and attended a work event in the evening so a very late night, also out Friday evenig so another late night (1am!). So spent Saturday resting. Didn’t wake up until 11am and just spent the day being a lazy slob on the settee watching TV (thank God for the Big Bang Theory box set!)

I had to go into work today (4 hours) and then I spent the afternoon cutting the grass. So a bit of exercise, but not really. I took it slow and easy. I have another work event tomorrow evening and then plan to start training Tuesday onwards.

So hopefully the next update will be one worth reading!

Only 11 weeks to go until the first half ironman and I have spent something like 3 out of the last 5 weeks sitting on my backside being ill.

My weight has also gone up to 72.9KG almost 1.5KG weight gain in the past 2 weeks – not good.

Thanks for reading.