A good week

Been a hard working week this week. Lots of early morning meetings and stressy days. It’s wierd sometimes a nice long run is good to relax after a stressy day, other times the stress gets in the way of training.

Monday evening I did a 1 hour turbo session, mainly easy but with 20 ‘up and overs’. An up and over is 1 minute at speed, a high gear with a high cadence (110 rpm) followed by 1 minute easier (not easy, just easier). So a 1 hour turbo with 20 mins of efforts.

Tuesday evening I did a swim – yes a swim – bring out the banners – a good session, quite easy as I haven’t swum for ages. I wanted to swim in the morning pre work but I had an early meeting (8.30) so I could not fit the swim in pre work. Anyway back to the swim – I did the session as blocks of 10 lengths with a 30 second rest in between. The sets were 2 x swim, 2 x swim with pull bouy and paddles, 2 x pull bouy and 1 x swim as a warm down. So 70 lengths at 25 metres per length is a total of 1,750 metres. Need to get to 3 swims a week asap.

Wednesday evening (yes another early morning meeting so no training pre work) was a long run. 85 mins in total. A run to the park (25 mins), 2 laps of the park one at 10K race pace taking 17 mins being the fastest circuit of the park by me, the other lap taking 20 mins, then an easy run home circa 22 mins. There are a couple of hills on the way home which I tackled at pace. So a good long run after a stressy day.

Thursday evening I did a long easy turbo, set netflix up in the gym and did an 80 mins easy turbo including 2 x 10 mins efforts with a 10 mins easy in between the 2 sets.

Rest day yesterday (Friday), after 7 days of back to back training. Later today I will do an easy 40 mins run at the gym on the tread mill and follow that with a 40 minute swim. All will be easy as 1) I am breaking in my new trainers and 2) I have a bike ride sportive tomorrow. It’s an SRS Events sportive, which I highly recommend, they are very well organised, well sign posted, excellent feed stops including hot sausage rolls one time when the weather was particularly bad! The sportive is a 90K which is a usual weekend ride for me so it is just a training riding. But I haven’t done a long ride for several weeks so it will be good to get some open air miles under my belt. It’s another early one (I hate getting up early) starting at 8am from Burgess Hill which is circa an hours drive away so it will be a 6.30 start.

I will aim to give a full report on the ride tomorrow including my time.

The weather forecast is for rain as it was today and it is pouring down now so looks like a wet ride tomorrow. Bugger!

Thanks for reading.

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