Getting back into it with some presents!

I have managed to get some training done this weekend, but not as much as I would have hoped. I think the ‘man flu’ I had is not fully out of my system yet. I also have a sty in my eye so it’s a bit swollen and means I don’t really fancy wearing goggles. So the scheduled swim this weekend didn’t happen.

Having said ‘never train within 24 hours of flying’, on Friday afternoon, having landed Thursday evening, I decided not to follow my own advice. I went to the gym and did a real easy (9.5 kmph at an incline of 1%) 45 min run. I followed this with some stretching and 10 mins of ab work. The run was OK, not brilliant, just OK. I felt I could (and should) go faster and then had waves of tiredness and thought about knocking off some speed or stopping. I put it own to the first bit of exercise for over a week, but now I am not sure.   

I was then out ‘with the wife’ Friday evening and we didn’t get home until gone midnight, a late one for a wannabe triathlete, but I was good and didn’t drink.

 Saturday I didn’t wake up until gone 10 am, the second tell tale sign that all was not good. I don’t normally sleep this late in unless I have trained hard the day before or I am unwell.

Having missed my usual slot for my long 3 hour ride (I normally leave the house by 8 am at the latest to try to miss as much traffic as I can) I decided a turbo would be best. That way if I did feel unwell I could stop easily, not an option if I am 10 plus miles away from home.

I set Netflix up and set about watching a film whilst doing an easy 90 – 100 cadence spin. I did 90 mins, all good and comfortable and decided to call it a day. It was lunch time, and I had ‘stuff’ to do in the afternoon and thought ‘90 mins is enough’ and that was tell tale sign number 3. Usually having done a 3 hour turbo session I decide 4 hours would be better and I end up doing longer than I scheduled, in this instance I had ‘had enough’ after 50% of the session.

I decided to cheer myself by spending money… I bought a bike stand so I can work on my bikes without having to bend down and rest on my knees. A bargain at £59 (or I would not have got one). Even at that price it was still a complete extravagence, as the only work I do on my bikes is cleaning them as I don’t know one end of a bike from the other. Memo to self ‘look up bike maintenance courses on the web so I can start to service my bikes myself and crucially learn to adjust the gears myself’.


I also bought another pair of 2XU Calf compression err things, I have one pair which I use every time I run so I got a white pair too.

I also bought a new pair of trainers. Now this is a big decision. I am a creature of habit so I tend to just buy the same trainers every time. But having had 2 pairs of Asics Gel Nimbus 11’s, followed by 3 pairs of Nimbus 12’s I was thinking about being adventurous and not just getting a pair of Nimbus 13’s. So I went ‘mental’ and bought a pair of New Balance 1080’s. I have worn New Balance before and got on OK with them, they are a neutral trainer (which is what I wear), they got a good right up, they are very light weight for a neutral trainer, they were bright orange and they were on sale and were only £69. I also couldn’t find a pair of Nimbus 13’s in my size for under £100. I get new trainers every three months. If I start paying £100 per pair I would stretch it to 4 months so my preference (and recommendation) is buy cheap and buy more often. Now I am not saying buy a pair for £30 every month! But if you shop about on the web there are always deals around somewhere.

Sunday I woke up feeling tired (set the alarm this time for 8.30). I had some porridge and a banana and a pot of coffee and watched a bit of TV while this all went down. I then decided to move my turbo back down to the gym, clean up my turbo bike using my new stand and then spring clean the gym. The results of my handiwork are below:


 Bit of a luxury having all this kit at home and out of the way of the house at the end of the garden (well in the summer its handy, in the winter it’s unused and full of cobwebs – hence the spring clean).

After all this hard work I did an 80 mins easy run – circa 13.5K on what turned out to be a nice sunny day. I was thinking of how hard the past few sessions had been so I bulked up on 2 cliff shots before I left and I took two with me along with 500 ml of Lucozade sport (2 thirds drink and 1 third water) and had about 150 ml before I left. The purpose two-fold: give me an energy boost incase I flagged, as this was an easy run why not use it to experiment by drinking whilst running and taking more shots than I would usually take.

The run was real good. Nice and easy and comfortable but when I looked my pace wasn’t that slow. The shots gave me the boost I needed and it was good to practise running and taking on fluids as I run. When I got back I had 20 mins of weights in the newly cleaned gym/shed and then did 10 mins of abs (conscious of any weight I might have put on whilst on holiday).

The weekly weight in says …. 72.1KG – gt in there, The Sunday before I went on hols I was 72.3KG, so a week of all inclusive, on holiday and no training and still losing weight. The 70KG target is not too far off now.

I have a full program designed for next week and the next three weeks to get a good block under my belt. I haven’t signed up for the SRS Events 90K sportive for next Sunday yet, but I intend to. This will just be a training event so no tampering down or fast time, I will just swap my long Saturday ride to Sunday.

So bring on next week and I WILL swim at least 3 sessions next week, swollen eye or no swollen eye!

Thanks for reading.

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