It was a holiday after all

Hi there

I am now officially back in the ‘land of the living’. No headache, no running nose, no sore throat etc I am ready to start training again. Problem is the holiday is over and we fly back tomorrow. So it has been a week of no training at all. All the gym kit, the whey protein and the energy drinks etc all need to be packed up again and bought home.

I am gutted I couldn’t train, but when you are ill, you are ill. I think the gum infection was the start of it all, as soon as the antibiotics wore off the cold hit me. And it was a severe one.

I have just looked at my training program since the week before Christmas and I have done the following training per week: 8.5 hrs, 9.5 hrs, 8 hrs, 7 hrs, 1.5 hrs (recovery week), 8.5 hrs,  9 hrs, 5 hrs including first half marathon (with the gum infection), 9 hrs before this holiday. So I might have been due a recovery week anyway.

Important lesson folks – THIS HIGHLIGHTS THE IMPORTANCE OF A TRAINING DIARY if nothing else but for reference purposes!! But there are many more reasons than that to keep a training diary. 

So I have to just take it on the chin and this week is a recovery / ill week. Meant I ate what I wanted and had a few Sakara’s as well as more than a few Red C Lions (Vodka, Gin, Orange juice and Grenache), which if training I would not have done. Almost like I was on holiday!

Spent this afternoon designing the next three weeks training – and some times a break is just what is needed to get motivated for another block session of three weeks of 10 plus hours training.

This will include a SRS Events sportive being a hilly 90K bike ride next weekend and end in three weeks time with the Croydon half marathon. This weekend I will train as I land Thursday evening, but it will be a gentle build up to full on training to make sure of no relapse. Plenty of Strepsils will be munched on the flight and Vitamin C before and after.

Remember – if flying short haul (less than 5 hours) never train the day before or the day after the flight, take plenty of Vitamin C and have Strepsils during the flight. You are always run down while flying, early start, lack of sleep, stress of packing etc and with the air con on flights you are open to catching stuff. If a longer flight then it’s two days before and after with no training.      

I did manage to squeeze in a couple of 1 hour massages though, and there is a chance I might get the third one in tomorrow!

Thanks for reading


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