Yesterday’s Flight

I am writing this blog on the Easyjet flight to Sharm El Sheikh.

I had to work very late yesterday, not leaving the office until 9.30pm, so packing was a bit manic at 11pm last night. But I think I got everything in: running trainers, swimming gear, goggles, paddles, stopwatch, energy drink (powder form), Whey Protein, running glasses, Garmin sat nav watch and charger, training diary, the list is endless… oh and a few Tshirts and jeans for when I am not training.

The two women sitting next to my wife must be in the English team for talking and they are training for the Olympics. They are going at it full pelt. They can average 4 and a half minutes before needing to take a breath. We are sure to get the Gold in this one.

Training so far this week has been good. An easy one hour turbo Monday evening after a heavy weekend of training, Tuesday was going to be a long overdue swim, but due to a fire the gym was closed. Instead I did a 35 minute run of 10 mins warm up, then 5 hill reps. Run up a big ole hill in 1.30 – 1.40 and then an easy recovery jog down, repeated for 5 reps. Hit times of 1.31, 1.36, 1.31, 1.32 and 1.42. The last one was hard! Then an easy jog home. A short session, but very rewarding and a nice change from knocking out long miles every run.

I couldn’t train last night due to working late and I won’t train today as I never train the same day I fly. But this week could end up being a ‘boot camp situation’. It will be like living as a pro athlete. Training hard and relaxing, training hard and relaxing. Swimming session are easy when you can recover from the session laying in the sun with a good book and your ipod on rather than rushing back to the office!

Key aims for this week, in order of priority are: have at least three massages (spa at the hotel), don’t put on too much weight (it’s all inclusive which is never good) and do some training – mainly swims, runs and some core (gym at the spa). No cycling as it’s so hard to hire a bike in Sharm, so will focus on the other events.     

I will fill you in on the week as I go, but for the moment I need to find these earphones before I commit murder on two ladies. However, judging by the expression on those around me there may be a queue! They can even talk while eating…..   

Thanks for reading


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