Vitamin Sun!

Before any training session you can load up on carbs, take gels, energy shorts or energy beans etc, take water and energy drinks to give you that all important edge.

This weekend there was a very natural energy boost, The Sun! After months of winter training with layer and layer of clothing, running in gloves, freezing off our private parts, how different the triathletes mood and effort is when the sun is out.

An excellent 3 hour 24 mins ride (77K) yesterday morning around Richmond Park and a lovely 90 mins run (15K) including three laps of my local park as two laps easy and one lap hard.

Loads of people out and about, loads of sun and loads of enjoyment. Hence the wide smile on my face when I got back from the  run that I thought I should share with you all.

Total of 9 hours training this week as 6 hours on the bike, 2hrs 20 mins running and 45 mins core/weights. No swimming this week which I need to address.

Roll on next week.

Thanks for reading


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