Decision made


Decision made. I am not going to compete in the New Forest Half Marathon in 5 days time.

Having struggled last weekend (see previous blog) due to what I hope is a gum infection and not lack of fitness. I think finishing the course of antibiotics I have from the dentist and training the weekend, instead of racing, is the better call.

If I race it means staying ‘tapered down’ this week and a recovery week next week which, having done that last week for the ‘Race your Pace’ half marathon means two weeks of low volume training.

I feel physically OK after the half marathon three days ago. The easy 1 hour spin the day after the half was a good call, loosened the legs up. To be honest I cannot wait to get training again and this is in part the reason for my decision to not race this weekend.

Mentally I also need to build confidence in my running again. It has always been my weakness. Any progress in a triathlon I make on the swim and bike I lose on the run and now stepping up to the longer distances the issue is even more pronounced. So I want to get the trainers on and get out there.

I need to think about the training for the next few days and the rest of the week and put some structure to it. Now the weather is warmer a ride to work might be on the cards (20K each way), I need to get back in the pool and I WANT TO RUN.

The ever challenging balance of training and work may force a rest day today. I was up at 4.30 this morning to get a cab to London to get an early train to Manchester for a business meeting, so training this evening may not be on the cards. Early night and making sure I am fully refreshed for a training session tomorrow and then through to Sunday may be a better idea.

Diet continues to go well. I have a chocolate brownie in front of me bought by a colleague, but it is still in its wrapper and will be a gift for the wife!

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Decision made”

  1. I think to miss the run this weekend would be a good idea. Getting over an infection takes time and another dissappointing performance would certainly set you back (not that I think you did not do well I would be very happy to be able to run 100 yards) Good luck for future runs.

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